Views on Creation

A few times a year, we put on a "Cafe Theology" for the church where we take some time to dig into big topics. I presented four main views of creation along with a summary of how to read the bible when engaging with these big questions. We then had a panel answering questions that were sent in prior to and during the evening including:

  • How was the universe formed from nothing?

  • Has the Christian view of creation been disproved by science?

  • Who are the Nephilim in Genesis 6? Who are the sons of God who married the daughters of men and has children by them?

  • If God knows us before we are born and has plans for us, did he know Adam and Eve were going to eat the fruit? If not, how do we know he has a plan for us?

  • Are the seven days of creation to be taken literally, or were the seven days representative of a period of time?

  • And more!

I hope you find it helpful and as always, am very interested in your feedback or questions!

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